# Welcome to Willemstad! ![](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/43155211/159142584-70b88e36-7634-4ddb-9ee1-1a7c11f0b2c9.png) Hi! 👋 Welcome to Willemstad's theme documentation website! I do hope you find the documentation here useful, and it convinces you to start using Willemstad, or helps you with using the theme! If you need more help or would like to chat, you can find me on Discord as `Melvin#7545`, or find one of the ways you can get help [[Help#Getting help|here]]. Hope you enjoy your stay here! ## Overview **Willemstad** is a fully-fledged theme and/or extension inspired by Chris Grieser (pseudometa)'s [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md/) theme, [Shimmering Focus](https://github.com/chrisgrieser/shimmering-focus). ## Getting Started Before you can enable <u>Willemstad</u> you will need to choose which version of Willemstad you intend to use. There are two variants of <u>Willemstad</u>, **Willemstad X** and **Willemstad for Shimmering Focus** (Willemstad SF). If you want a *fully fledged theme*, **Willemstad X** would be more appropriate; but if you would like to use <u>Willemstad</u> with the theme *Shimmering Focus*, please use **Willemstad SF** instead. This can be downloaded [on GitHub](https://github.com/tingmelvin/willemstad). **Willemstad SF** is not currently actively maintained. ### Download Instructions #### 1. Willemstad X **Willemstad X** is available on the Obsidian theme store — 1. Go to ` Settings → Appearance → Themes: Manage` `→ Willemstad` 2. You should see the below image — just click `Use`! ![[theme-choose-Willemstad.png|200]] #### 2. Willemstad SF (Willemstad for Shimmering Focus) **Willemstad SF** is available via [GitHub](https://github.com/tingmelvin/willemstad). 1. Download the `obsidian.css` file from the GitHub repository 2. Drop the file into `.obsidian/snippets` 3. Enable it in ` Settings → Appearance → CSS Snippets` ## Recommended Plugins **Willemstad** does not have any plugin dependencies and can be used on its own out of the box. ### Style Settings However, Willemstad is best used customised. As such, downloading the [**Style Settings**](obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-style-settings)) plugin by `@mgmeyers` is strongly recommended — this unlocks customisation options for you. > [!note] Note on Style Settings > This plugin is also used by most of the major themes, so it is highly recommended to have it *anyway*, even if you do not choose to use Willemstad. ### Other Plugins There are also a few other recommended community plugins that will elevate your experience of using **Willemstad**, or unlock future customisation options. These are listed below. 1. [Admonition](obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-admonition) - Callouts but more versatile! 2. [Advanced Tables](obsidian://show-plugin?id=table-editor-obsidian) - required for `Typography → Tables → Live Preview Almost-True Rendering` Style Settings options ## [[Extensions Landing Page|Theme Extensions]] **Willemstad** comes bundled with multiple theme extensions as well: #### [[Callouts]] #### [[CSSClass|CSS Classes]] #### Typography - [[Font Typefaces|Font Typefaces and Font Pairings]] - Willemstad is bundled with the fonts *Inter*, *Manrope*, *DM Sans*, *DM Mono*, *Crimson Pro* and *MathJax Main*. - [[Multi-colour Highlights]] - [[Readable Underlines]]